Commit df4978e7 authored by tomogoma's avatar tomogoma
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update helper sql access script to match latest commands

parent a410d6ec
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ function installService {
#create cconnect script for easier access to the sql console
function outputConnectUtil {
touch "/usr/local/bin/cconnect"
echo "cockroach sql --ca-cert=/etc/cockroachdb/certs/ca.cert --cert=/etc/cockroachdb/certs/root.cert --key=/etc/cockroachdb/certs/root.key" > "/usr/local/bin/cconnect"
echo "cockroach sql --certs-dir=/etc/cockroachdb/certs" > "/usr/local/bin/cconnect"
chmod +x "/usr/local/bin/cconnect"
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